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Dr. Krishnahari Baral

PhD on Gazal history

Dr.Krishnahari Baral born in a middle-class family on 4th January, 1954 in Hatpate, Sindhuli village of Nepal. He spent most of his early childhood in the same village. Those days, as he confesses, nature was his playground and nature was his toy. He grew up in an environment where his Grandmother was putting her own words in local folk tunes and singing them unprofessionally, while his Grandfather was regularly reciting verses from Hindu epics. He sang the mythological song wholenite when he is childhood period. His father, Khadananda Baral is a farmer and his mother Late Padma Kumari Baral was departed early in his childhood. He is the eldest among a brother, a sister, and two half-brothers. Although no one had achieved formal education in his family before, he was admitted to a local school where he completed his Lower Secondary education till class 7. When he was in Class 5 that time he wrote his first poem. After he completed class 7 than he walk whole day and reach Janakpur for further education and joined class 8 at Shree Saraswati Multi Purpose High School Janakpur in 1967 AD.

Moving to Janakpur was a milestone in his career. It was a city much larger, much developed and much different from his village. Here, he was exposed to Hindi movies, which usually contained excellent songs with melodious tunes and great lyrics. In addition, the comprehensive content of the ‘Compulsory English’ of the High School, which he describes as 'tough' and which included poems and essays by internationally renowned poets and writers, impressed him deeply. He successfully completed High School and obtained his School Leaving Certificate in 1969 AD. He then completed his Diploma in 1973 AD with Nepali, Psychology and Economics as major subjects from the Ramswarup Ramsagar multiple college (RR College) of Janakpur itself. In the same year, he published his two lyrics for the first time in Usha magazine. From the same college in Janakpur, he received his Bachelor’s degree in 1976 AD, and this time his major subject was Nepali & economics.

After that, in 1977 AD he moved to Kathmandu, which is the capital of the country. Obviously his dreams were big, so was his determination. That year, his lyrics ‘ Ma Bhakta Hu Yo Desko (I am a devotee of this nation)' was first recorded song from Radio Nepal (National Radio Station of Nepal). He got married in 1981 AD with Sushma Baskota, who is now a successful advocate and a writer too. His wife gave birth to their first child, a daughter in 1982 AD, followed by another daughter in 1986 AD and a son in 1987 AD. In 1988 AD, he received his Masters Degree in Nepali from Central Department of Nepali, Tribhuwan University (TU) Kirtipur. He worked as Nepali teacher in various schools and colleges until he finally became a lecturer in Central Department of Nepali, TU from 1993 AD . In 2007 AD, he finally did his PhD on ‘Ghazal history’ which is based on extensive research and study.

Talking about his career as lyricist, it all began when he used to be fascinated by a radio program and its hosts (Devi Sharma and Pandav Sunuwar) in his young age. He even wrote a letter to the program which was broadcasted from Radio Nepal. Later when he came Kathmandu he went to meet Pandav Sunuwar in Radio Nepal, it was them who suggested to him that he should write lyrics. He did so and there was no looking back. Until now, he has around 300 of songs are recorded. He has produce 9 solo album .

Dr. Krishnahari Baral is always finding something in everything to smile about, something to look at and ponder, and something to be curious about. As stated earlier, observing the life is his nature and observing the nature is his life. More than an open book, his life is like a clear sky; without any hidden side, without anything to hide. When I think of it, maybe that is how he stands out among everyone.

— Kabita Karmacharya/Usha Lohani

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